July 2019

Creamsicle Ice Cream

Orange creamsicle is one of my absolute favorite flavors, and I doubt I'd ever turn one down if offered one. What I love about this particular recipe is that it's naturally-sweetened, sugar-free and also free of many allergens like dairy and eggs. It's also vegan, which is great because we have lots of friends who are vegetarian or who are allergic to different foods, so it's such a great recipe!

July 4th Drinks

Whether you're making drinks for friends, celebrating Independence Day or just looking for a nice, refreshing drink that also happens to be colorful, Women's Day has you covered with a list of 20 scrumptious-looking drinks to whip up this week. The first drink in the slideshow, Lemosa, blends a lemonade with a mimosa, using the tart citrus in place of the sweet orange and I'm here for it. 

Box of Rain

If you were at the JFK Stadium in Philadelphia on July 7, 1989, you were lucky enough to hear the Grateful Dead play "Box of Rain" after it had been virtually retired for over a decade. For the rest of us, we can still check it out in this All the Years Live video of Phil Lesh. If you haven't already, check it out.

How To Sleep Better When You Share A Bed

Whether you share a bed with a partner, your child or someone else, you know what a struggle it can be to get a good night's sleep sometimes. Some people sleep very well together while others simply don't. Fortunately there are a few things you can do to help yourself get a better night's sleep that aren't too complicated. Did you know that 1 in 4 married couples sleep in separate beds?

Family Guy Film Update

If you've ever heard Seth MacFarlane talk about the Family Guy movie he's always dreamed of making over the past 10 years, you may have since dismissed the idea since it's been so long since we've had any real updates about the possibility. MacFarlane just reassured fans that not only is it still a possibility, but he thinks he knows what he wants it to be about. He says he hasn't had a lot of time to work on it but it's still going to happen.

Woman Killed by Sharks

Between Shark Week, "Baby Shark" and all of the shark merch we see everywhere, we tend to forget just how dangerous these animals are. And heaven forbid you mention a fear of the animals to company because you'll often get laughed at, and told that your danger of being killed by a shark is a rare one.

Fandom Furniture

If you're crafty at repurposing old furniture and making it look totally different, you might appreciate the new wave of fandom furniture sweeping across the land. (That even sounds like a fandom line--maybe from The Neverending Story!) People are changing everything from their sofas and beds to their pet accessories to mirror their favorite fandoms and it's a fine line between obsession and fun and I love it.