July 2019

Flying Kiwis

If you like games where you get to launch things into the air, Flying Kiwis might be ust the game for you. Not only do you launch typically flightless birds with members of your family, but you do it in a fast-paced setting. It's such a quick game that it works really well for toddlers who are known for their short attention spans.

Chinese Scientists At Tsinghua University Have Patented A Carbon Nanotube Fiber That Could Make A Space Elevator Possible

        One of the more fantastic ideas for getting into space is the space elevator. The basic idea is that a super strong cable reaches from the Earth’s surface to a huge counterweight that is beyond the twenty-three thousand miles geosynchronous orbit. Vehicles like elevator cars would climb up and down the cable lowering the cost of sending things to and from orbit by several orders of magnitude.

Nuclear Reactors 704 - New Reactor Construction In The U.K. Is Stalled Due To Funding Problems

       Boris Johnson is the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Yesterday, in his first address to the House of Commons as PM, he expressed his passionate support for nuclear power. Seven of the U.K.’s eight operating nuclear power plants are scheduled to be retired by 2030. Attempts to build new nuclear power plants have had problems with funding over the past two years.

Nuclear Reactors 703 - Diakont Provices Robots That Can Clean Cavities And Surfaces Underwater At Nuclear Power Plants

       Working around a nuclear power plant is dangerous because of the high levels of harmful radiation. This makes it difficult for some maintenance work to be done. Nuclear power plants operators are increasingly turning to robots to carry out some dangerous tasks.

Nuclear Reactors 702 - The Columbia Generating Station At The Hanford Nuclear Reservation Is At Risk From Earthquakes

       One major problem with nuclear power plants involves earthquakes. A major quake off the northeast coast of Japan in March of 2011 resulted in flooding and meltdowns that destroyed the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Radioactively contaminated water is still pouring the Pacific Ocean eight years later. Some Japanese nuclear power plants were permanently closed and others are just being restarted.

New Frogs In Ecuador

New frog species are always exciting to find, so when student Veronica Urgiles helped to discover not one but two species, she had to have felt excited. The frog lover didn't only find them, but she was even able to help describe and name the amphibians, one of which she chose to name after her professor.

Martian Storms

When we were kids, I was fascinated with the various planets of our solar system, but I don't remember much focus on the weather patterns on each planet. That's why when my teen and I did a unit study on space and not only did I learn that, but that we have 13 planets, my mind was completely blown. We have such a constant news cycle that it's no wonder we miss so many important stories, like the fact that we have these planets.

Hidden Food Art

Regular food art that you can immediately see, whether it's a mural done out of fruit or barista art in your coffee, is a wonder to behold. It always blows my mind how creative the human mind can be. So when you find out that there are other forms of food art beyond what you can see at first glance, it's even more breathtaking!