October 2012

Challenges of step-parenting

I am lucky that there are few issues with this in my home.

I am remarried and have two girls. My husband has two boys, but they are grown up and out of the home. My two girls live with me, and there are often challenges when it comes to this subject. My husband is very good with my daughters, yet he has never had girls before and he considers himself the step-dad.

He doesn’t always feel comfortable showing them love and isn’t quite sure how to handle the challenges of punishing the kids. This really doesn’t involve my 17-year old daughter because she rarely needs to be punished and he feels like he understands her better because of her age. My 10-year old daughter, on the other hand, is a different story.

The right teacher?

Drastic change in son's character

My son has had behavioral problems from about the time he was three. There would be 45-minute to an hour tantrums of throwing, kicking, screaming and everything else associated with a full blown tantrum. When he went to preschool, my wife and I worked with his teacher to try and curb these tendencies.

It wasn't easy. He was having the same tantrums at preschool that he would have at home. There were several times when I had to come to school and pick up from the principal's office and many other times when he had to sit with the principal for a while to calm down.