September 2012

Fun fall activities

Farm visits, corn mazes, fire pits and hot apple cider

When the weather starts to turn cooler, people start to head indoors. However, cool weather is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy nature. When fall hits, you don’t have to worry about sweating like crazy or enduring the heat, you can simply get out with the kids and focus on having fun. Lots of fun activities for kids only happen a few months out of the year, so take advantage of them.

A teacher's impact

Teachers play an important role in a child's school year.

As a parent, you usually know when your child likes or dislikes their teacher. The teacher that a child has makes a huge impact on the child, and it also plays a large role in the child’s attitude toward you and toward school.

The mean parent

Raise your child well with educational discipline

You want to be the favorite parent. You want your child to be happy and to like you, but you also know that being a good parent requires occasionally disciplining your child. When this happens, you position in the race for favorite parent plummets and you have to become the mean parent. While it’s no fun being the mean parent, you can discipline and be “mean” every now and then without losing your spot as the child’s favorite.

When you discipline your child, make sure your child knows the reason for the discipline and that it’s not just you being mean. Talk about why your child is sitting in time out or has lost use of her favorite toy. After she has been disciplined, talk about why you set rules and the importance of following them. You won’t seem as mean when your child knows that being disciplined is really for good.