August 2012

Nutrition tips for kids

Teaching your kids to eat right.

Getting children to eat right is not always easy, and it is hard to monitor because kids are not always home with their parents. Teaching children to eat healthy is something that must start when they are young. If you do not start this then, it will be even harder to implement later in life.

Here are a couple of tips to help your children get the proper nutrition that they need.

Handling competition among family

Have simple, honest conversations to eliminate competition.

As parents, it's hard to ignore when other kids reach milestones before your own, especially when those kids are nieces and nephews. While their intentions may be good or their comments may be innocent, family members often like to compare children who are close in age or ask why another child has yet to pick up a skill the other child mastered months ago.

Good shows for toddlers

Allow your toddler to watch television shows strategically

While you want to limit your toddler’s time in front of the TV and engage him in hands-on activities and other play, sometimes you just need a break or something to entertain your toddler while you do a load of laundry or make breakfast. Those are the times you turn to the TV. There’s nothing wrong with letting your toddler watch a little TV every now and then, but when you do, you should pay attention to what your toddler is watching.

Running errands with toddlers

Running errands with a toddler in tow requires a lot of patience and careful planning. Parents who just throw a toddler into the car and go often end up facing tantrums, messes and a fear of never leaving the house again. However, when you plan in advance, running errands with a toddler can actually be a fairly stress-free experience and a good learning experience for your toddler.