June 2012

Go and spend a day at the beach

Take some time off to do something fun.

The other day I decided to stop everything I was doing, load up my kids and head out to the beach. While I do try to balance my time working and having fun with my kids, sometimes I just need to divert from my schedule. This is what I did that day.

I announced to my kids that they needed to stop what they were doing, get their swimsuits on and get ready to leave for the beach in 15 minutes. They were slightly astonished because this is out of my normal character, but it was the best thing I have done in a long time.

Cool places to play for free this summer

And places that are cheap to play at, too!

Now that summer has officially arrived and most of us in the Midwest are sweating bullets (as any native will tell you, “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity!”), it’s really time to start finding creative ways to have fun with our families without getting too hot. We can play outside in the pool or sprinkler (or even the shade) for a while, but certainly not for the full day. So what do we do?

Here are some creative, free and cheap places that you can use to play at this summer.

Balancing your time during the summer

Finding the right balance with your kids.

For me it is very hard to balance my time. My two children constantly want to do fun things now that it is summer vacation, I want this too. The problem is that because I work from home, I still have to work. Even though I am at home with them, there are times I have to work. This is something that is hard for my children to understand. I do want my kids to have fun this summer, but how much fun is the right amount?

I have not learned how to do this well, but I am trying. I try to get up early to complete my work. By the time my kids get up, I already have some of it done. I usually tell them that I will work until around lunch time and then I will do something with them.