April 2012

Dealing with your children’s attitudes

You must stop the attitude before it's too late


I have two children and each one is very different. My youngest daughter is 9-years-old and I am constantly battling with her over her attitude and disrespect toward me. I have always heard that if you don’t control this when a child is young, it will be ten times worse when the child is a teenager. I have a very hard time handling this because I am too nice.

Are allowances healthy for kids?

Are they good or bad?

I struggle with the concept of giving my kids an allowance. I understand that there are benefits to it, yet I am not sure if it is a good idea. Some of the benefits are that children learn about money and how to budget it, but you must teach them this concept. It also gives them opportunities to purchase things. They can learn how to save their money this way, and it might give them a good idea about how to spend their money wisely.