January 2012

Teaching Kids Responsibility

One of the biggest challenges I feel to being a parent is teaching your child to be responsible. You see it so many times in life where grown children (and even adults) fail to have any responsibilities for themselves and expect everyone else to take care of it for them. Because I do not want my kids to grow up that way, and I am sure you don’t want yours to either, I am trying to make sure that my kids have responsibilities from a young age. This includes cleaning up after themselves and knowing how to do things for themselves.

Making Sure They Eat Well

One of the hardest things about having a child is making sure that they eat nutritiously. Sometimes you may get lucky and find that your child will eat everything under the sun. However, many parents find that they have one of those children who will fight nearly every meal you put in front of them. When this happens, you have to use your brain to find a way to get them to eat healthy food.