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Dealing with your children’s attitudes

You must stop the attitude before it's too late


I have two children and each one is very different. My youngest daughter is 9-years-old and I am constantly battling with her over her attitude and disrespect toward me. I have always heard that if you don’t control this when a child is young, it will be ten times worse when the child is a teenager. I have a very hard time handling this because I am too nice.

My daughter will disrespect me in many ways. Sometimes she will tell me no when I ask her to do something. Other times she is just downright mean to me. She always tells me how mean I am, but this is not true at all. I have found that there is one way to control this, but it takes a lot of work and patience on my part. To control her mouth, I must be very firm with what I say. If she is disrespectful, I need to immediately not accept it. I have to tell her that this is not right and so on. She always throws a huge fit and immediately starts crying.

I have learned that this is just something I must deal with. When she gets this mad, she will run to her room and cry for a long time. She of course cries loud enough for me to hear. If I don’t run to her rescue I have learned that eventually, she will come to me and apologize. The more often I stick with being a parent and not accept treatment like this, the more she understands it and the less she pushes me.