Supporting local organizations

Supporting local organizations

When is enough enough?

When your children are involved in various activities, they will commonly be selling things to raise money. My daughters have both gone through this many times, and lately I am learning just to pass these opportunities by.

Every time a child has a fundraiser, he will begin asking everyone he knows to buy things. If the child is your own child it may seem like the thing you should do as his or her parent, but is this really necessary. The items they are selling are usually very expensive and they might even be things you don’t really need.

My daughter attends a private school and the school is constantly having fundraisers. I already spend over $5,000 a year to send her to this school and I really don’t have a lot of extra money for these things. This week alone, she has come home asking me to buy her a yo-yo that her school is selling, as well as books from the Book Fair her school is hosting. While both of these things are useful, I wasn’t sure if I should dish out more money just to let her have these things.

I do understand that her school needs the extra funds and therefore I am often inclined to help out by making purchases, but sometimes I have just had enough. While it is good to support organizations that you like, there comes a time when enough is enough. For me, I think I have reached that point this school year and it’s only November.