Is My Child Gifted?

Is My Child Gifted?

Signs Your Child is Above the Curve

Every parent when their child is a baby thinks they are going to be the next Einstein. As they grow, we find they have strengths and weaknesses just like everyone else. There is a small portion of children that are considered naturally gifted.


They may have a knack for picking things up quickly or a staggering vocabulary for a young child. The question is how do you know if your child is gifted? The basic definition of a gifted child is someone who has a natural ability for one or many disciplines.


For example, a child can have a perfectly normal academic career, but be a piano virtuoso or a Rembrandt level artist. He could have mathematical ability far beyond his years or just be good at everything.


If you child seems to be more comfortable talking to and being around adults rather then children his own age, then he night be gifted. They tend to be more mature and the chaotic rambunctiousness of his classmates may be distracting and annoying.


If you think your child is gifted and want to have it verified, then there are experts out there that can give them specially designed IQ tests. The question you as a parent has to ask is: what do you do with a gifted child?


Do you let him go through your local school system with his friends and peers? Do you pull him out and put him in a special school for gifted children? This is something you should discuss with the child. Gifted or not they are still children and deserve to have a good and rewarding childhood. Find out that the child wants and go from there.