How to take good photos of your kids

How to take good photos of your kids

Yes, even your toddler!

Let’s face it: kids under the age of five can be very difficult to take pictures of. After two or three pictures, they’re already bored, hungry, or screaming, and you’re screaming your head off as well because all you want is one good picture.

I’m not a mom, but I do have a six-year-old brother (we’re 15 years apart!), so whenever I can’t find anyone to model for me, I just take pictures of him. He’s become quite a natural! As soon as I put the camera up to my face, he immediately strikes a pose. Since not everyone has a supermodel child, here are some tips to get some decent photos of your kids:

Don’t think of it as a photo shoot where your child has to stay at an exact spot. Guess what? They’re not going to stay there! Kids like to explore. Follow them around with the camera and take pictures of what they do.

Get down! Take photos from a child’s perspective. It will be more personal and you’ll have more fun as well!

Be crazy! Make silly sounds and faces to make them laugh! If you find that you can’t do this and take pictures at the same time, have someone behind you doing it.

Bubbles! What child doesn’t like bubbles? Have someone blow bubbles off to the side. You’ll get plenty of smiles and the bubbles will add extra “cuteness” to your photos. If your child is old enough, have them blow the bubbles themselves.

If all else fails, get some good crying shots. They’ll be good to show at the wedding.