How much is enough?

How much is enough?

Children are spoiled and feel like they deserve everything.

Knowing how to parent is the hardest job in the world, and one thing I struggle with is knowing how much to give my kids.

I am not talking about how much love to give them or how much time to spend with them; I am talking about material things. The kids today seem to have everything. If you walk into a high school, you are likely to see that the kids are all dressed in name brand clothes. These kids have way nicer wardrobes than I have. If you look in the parking lot, you will see nice cars. The cars many of them drive are way better than the car I drive. How is this possible?

Do the parents of these kids give them money and all of these items? I don’t think it is because the kids work and buy these things themselves. Kids have a way of making us, the parents, feel like we are obligated to give them all of these things, but are we?

I don’t believe that the role of a parent is to give kids everything they want. We should give them the things they need and splurge sometimes, but they shouldn’t have everything they want. This is part of the reason why kids are growing up with attitudes that display the emotion of “I deserve that.” Well, sorry kids – you don’t deserve all those things and your parents do not owe you these things. If things could go back to how they were years ago, parents and children would be happier people.