Help your children understand the value of giving

Help your children understand the value of giving

Giving is very rewarding for all of us.

With the Thanksgiving holiday occurring this week, now is a great time to emphasize the importance of giving to your children. Children do not naturally feel inclined to give; they would much rather receive. If you don’t believe this, just ask them.

Giving is something that correlates well during the holiday season, but it should be something that we, as parents, emphasize all year long. Most of us are blessed with much more than we need and giving can involve a variety of things. Sometimes people do not have financial resources to give, but they may have other gifts to give. One of these gifts is time. You can look for a place where you and your children can donate your time by helping someone with something.

Talents are another thing you can give. If you or your children have a special talent, encourage them to share this with others. Maybe your daughter enjoys singing or playing the piano. This would be something she could share at a retirement home or community center. Sharing talents is a great way to give and people will enjoy seeing children share talents.

By teaching your kids that giving is fun and rewarding, they may develop a heart that is like a servant. Serving others is very rewarding and even though you might be giving, you will be surprised by how much you get in return. This is something that you can do as a family and you will all have a wonderful time doing it.