Go and spend a day at the beach

Go and spend a day at the beach

Take some time off to do something fun.

The other day I decided to stop everything I was doing, load up my kids and head out to the beach. While I do try to balance my time working and having fun with my kids, sometimes I just need to divert from my schedule. This is what I did that day.

I announced to my kids that they needed to stop what they were doing, get their swimsuits on and get ready to leave for the beach in 15 minutes. They were slightly astonished because this is out of my normal character, but it was the best thing I have done in a long time.

I have been having trouble getting my work done since they have been home on summer vacation. Since I work from home, it can be hard to work while they are here. I was feeling stressed out and I needed some time to get away from all of the problems of ordinary, normal life.

They were thrilled because they were both bored at the time. We drove to the beach, stopped along the way for lunch and we just hung out there for several hours. It really did a lot of good for me and the kids. It was a great time for me to re-focus and it was good for them because I think they were happy that I spent some time with them.

Next time you are feeling stressed out, I suggest that you stop what you are doing and go and do something fun or relaxing. It will be good for your kids and it will be great for you.