Getting Kids Used To A New Baby

Getting Kids Used To A New Baby

Children often become insecure or jealous whenever a new baby is set to arrive in the family. Should this be a concern, it is important to get them used to the idea of a new member in the family.

One way to help kids gets used to a new baby is to tell them a few months in advance. This will help them to gradually get used to the idea and by the time the baby arrives, they will be expecting it.

Another way to get children used to an arriving baby is to help them be involved with the planning for the baby. Have them help you to pick out clothes, toys, or room decorations for the baby. This doesn’t mean that they have to make every decision, but allowing them to choose a few small things can help them to get excited about the baby’s arrival.

Another thing that can be done to help the child expect the arrival of the new baby is to mention the baby to them frequently. This will help the baby to become a constant in their life before the baby actually arrives.

One last option for getting the kids used to a new baby is to play up the role they will have in the baby’s life. Talk about how they will be able to teach the baby how to walk, talk, and play. Ask them what kind of games they are going to play with the baby. Tell them how much the baby will look up to the child and be around them. By feeling important in the baby’s life, they will have an easier time accepting the baby when he/she arrives.